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Work-Holding Fixtures for CNC Machines

  • All fixtures are custom designed, machined, and assembled to the customer's specifications right at our manufacturing facility.

  • The design process involves at least one or two concept approvals and always a final approval before we send the project to the shop floor.

  • The fixtures are designed to eliminate external hydraulic and pneumatic tubing and they utilize internal hydraulic/pneumatic lines (gun-drilled). 

  • Quality, precision,chip evacuation and ergonomics are always the top priorities.

  • Prior to shipping the fixtures to the customer there is an in person or video approval by our customers - we only ship fixtures that are fully functional and signed off.

  • All the design models are transferred to the customer once the project is complete.

  • All steel components have black oxide finish for rust proofing.


Some of the parts we built fixtures for:

  • Differential carriers and housings

  • Input and output shafts

  • Cam shafts

  • Various transmission and gear components

  • Hydraulic manifolds - agricultural and industrial

  • Military vehicle components for shock absorbers

  • Engine blocks and heads

  • Carriers - output and input

  • Ventilator components - medical field.

  • Hydraulic cylinders - heads, caps, rods.

  • Connection rods


Common features and options that are available for our customers:

  • Manual, hydraulic or pneumatic clamping.

  • Pre-retention of the part (spring plunger, o-ring etc.)

  • Manual or auto load (robot, pick and place).

  • Part present or part seating confirmation (air-check).

  • Manual quick disconnect or centrally fed hydraulic systems.

  • Sequenced clamping.

  • Adjustable pressure valves for variable clamping force.

  • Clamp arm position verification - clamp, unclamp or both. 


With our robust and high quality fixtures your ROI will be fast on track. We built many workholding fixtures for leading domestic and global companies in a variety of different industries.


Contact us with your fixture requirements and challenges and we will work hard to get your projects up and running on time.

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