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Custom & Prototype Machining

We provide custom and prototype machining services for all kinds of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Quality and on-time delivery is always the top priority. We have our own design team and we can help out by designing or reverse engineering your parts and components. Also, we can help out by optimizing your design for machinability and manufacturability. We utilize the latest CAD/CAM software with modern CNC machines.

Prototype parts and shorts runs are welcome. We can provide tool lists, FAI (first offs), in-process measurement data with CMM reports too.

We also do inhouse laser marking on metals with our fiber laser machine.

Additional services are also available so your parts always arrive complete to your facility. These services are provided by our tested and trusted subcontractors and suppliers for many years.

Additional services include:

  • Heat treatment

  • Nitriding

  • Black oxide coating

  • Anodizing 

  • Weldments (painting optional)

  • Custom seals

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